British Juggling Convention uses solid oak flooring

Over the years the British Juggling convention has been held in a wide variety of places, as the sport has become more widespread the quality of the premesees has increased, in 2014 they went for a hall that had solid oak flooring with great success!

Why did solid oak flooring make a difference to the juggling event?


Naturally at these types of events a lot of juggling and acrobatics goes on which can be demanding on any type of flooring. In previous years there’s been incidences where people either haven’t been able to perform their British Juggling Conference act properly because the flooring surface wasn’t right or because it was too slippery, well solid oak flooring seemed to be the answer to these problems.

Not only did the juggling venue really look great but there was enough space to host a number of exhibitions at the same time too. It was great to see a large number of young people at the conference in 2014 which means that the sport is going to stay alive and well for years to come! If we can get the oak flooring right anyway.

The British Juggling Convention needs sponsorship from concrete fence panels suppliers

Running events like the British juggling convention certainly doesn’t come cheap, as you’d imaging there isn’t a rush for sponsorship either which is why it relies on all kinds of companies including those who supply concrete fence panels, to keep it running.

What do juggling and concrete fence panels have in common?

concrete fence panel juggling

Well believe it or not juggling attracts enthusiasts from all walks of life, very often we have people who were taught how to juggle when they were kids and now want to pursue it as a hobby. as such, whether people are suppliers of concrete panel, car sales men or business men, we like to cater for everyone’s tastes. I personally like to think that juggling as a sport has a little something for everyone, it’s something that the whole family can enjoy and take part in…really it’s just good clean fun.

So if you’re thinking of taking up juggling or would like to attend any of the events that are available then do get in touch.

In 2014 the British Juggling conference made use of a industrial dishwasher

industrial dishwasher juggling

British juggling conferences tend to attract thousands of people and those people certainly do get hungry. As such we need to be able to cater for that many people, which is no easy task I can tell you, a industrial dishwasher really was the perfect piece of equipment for getting the job done!

How an industrial dishwasher saved us jugglers time

Due to cutbacks and a tight budget, we decided to do the catering ourselves, which also meant being there to wash the dishes too. Now washing thousands of dishes and plates certainly isn’t an enviable task for anyone, so we automated the process with a handy commercial dishwasher. Although we had to pay just under one thousand pounds for it, now the juggling conference will have a piece of catering equipment that will last for years to come.

So if you’re catering for a large event and having to do a considerable amount of washing up, I’d highly recommend using an industrial dishwasher.